Geoffrey H. Wood

Mr. Wood was born in England in 1896, an only child.  Infatuated at an early age with travel brochures of Canada, he decided to apply for employment in Western Canada as a farm hand.  His application was accepted and, at the age of 15, he set sail for Canada.

A born salesman, he was often quoted as saying he’d rather sell than eat.  In 1922 he started his sales career selling Lilly paper cups to insurance companies.  Over a business career spanning 65 years, Mr. Wood was always a maverick Canadian entrepreneur, honoured by admission to both the Canadian Sales Hall of Fame and the very prestigious Canadian Business Hall of Fame.

Mr. Wood was also a Canadian movie pioneer.  In 1946, he backed the production of a full length feature film titled “Bush Pilot”.  The film was shot in Muskoka, Ontario and can be found today in the National Archives in Ottawa.